Crowd Missions

What are CrowdFunded Missions?

Crowdfunded missions are bounty missions that any user can contribute funding to grow the bounty pool to encourage large user base to become interested in solving the bounty.  Crowdfunded missions also differ from solo-missions in how bounties are awarded. Anyone who contributes towards a crowdfunded mission also gets a vote every time a user provides a submission for the mission.  

How do I withdraw funds after completing a bounty?

Withdrawing funds is easy.  The first thing you need to do is add a withdrawal method in your wallet.  Once added, simply make a withdrawal request!  Processing for withdrawals takes about 48 hours (during normal business hours). 


Any user who contributes funds towards a bounty mission. All bounty contributors have voting rights in how the bounty pool is awarded when reviewing submissions.  Each $1 contributed equals 1 vote. The more a contributor funds towards a bounty, the more voting power they have when reviewing submissions. 


Bounty submissions are submitted by bounty hunters. Each submission will be “Approved or Rejected” by the boujnty owner (if solo bounty) or bounty contributors (for crowdfunded missions).

If “approved” the bounty hunter is rewarded the bounty pool. If rejected, the bounty hunter will receive a clear reason why the submission didn’t meet the requirements of the bounty terms.


BountyCrumbs are “partial rewards” from the bounty pool. Each bounty crumb awarded is worth 5% of the current bounty pool. BountyCrumbs can be rewarded to users who haven’t fully completed a bounty, but have provided data or information which is useful towards the eventual completion of a bounty mission. Similar to “breadcrumbs”, which lead to something. Bounty Crumbs are made public and can be used by other users to help them complete the bounty.

Solo Missions

What are Solo Missions?

Solo Missions are bounty missions which are funded by an individual user, and they may have an individual bounty or multiple bounties. An example of an individual bounty would be when a user needs one thing done by one user. A bounty mission with multiple bounty awards would be a mission that the user needs a group of people to perform an action.  So for example in this case, a user may post a bounty which pays $5.00 for the first 1,000 people who register to a website as a beta-user. 

Should I submit to bounties that already have submissions?

All depends.  If the bounty is still active, the bounty owner hasn't selected a winner, or no one has submitted an entry that completes the bounty.  For bounties which have multiple bounties available, absolutely!

How much does it cost to post a bounty mission?

Zero!  Posting a bounty mission is completely free.

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